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By 阿比Zulock,
具有历史意义的2021年立法会议已经结束! The WA State Legislature has been working remotely which has made their work much more challenging. That said - they avoided ag体育正规官网 spreading in the people’s house, 与此同时,与立法机构的接触也相对容易...阅读更多
By AG体育app2员工,
The 60 day Legislative Session ended on the 12th with your Union’s priority bills being delivered to Governor Inslee for his signature. HB 1888 -保护雇员私隐 Our main focus this session was to prevent employee birthdates and photos from being released by employers...阅读更多
By AG体育app2员工,
Your Union’s effort to prevent the disclosure of public employee birthdates and personal photos continues to advance through the Legislative process. 事实上,它的力量正在增强. The bill was voted out of the Senate State Government Committee with a unanimous bipartisan vote. 现在...阅读更多
By AG体育app2员工,
在周五, 2月14日, HB 1888 was passed by the House of Representation on a strong bipartisan vote, 91是—7否. 简而言之, the bill expands the current protections that Law Enforcement Officers have to ALL public employees. 它将禁止员工的出生日期和照片...阅读更多
By AG体育app2员工,
The scheduled 60 day “Short” Legislative Session is off to a fast start with over 2,提出500张供考虑的钞票. Your Union has been engaged in legislation that affects your wages, hours and working conditions and promoting the importance of Local Government in delivering the...阅读更多
By AG体育app2员工,
告诉他们帮助保护你的隐私支持HB 1888 你可能已经听说了, the Washington Supreme Court recently ruled that yet another piece of your private information can be released through the Public Disclosure process. 法院裁定,按照书面规定,法律要求所有公众...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任J. 帕特·汤普森
随着今年的会议结束, we are happy to report that several measures important to our members are on their way to becoming law. Nearly 100 members went to the Capital this year and our agenda included several priorities. 令人高兴的是,其中大部分将成为英斯利州长的法律...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
A little spring snow storm didn’t stop nearly a hundred Council 2 members from making their way to the Capital March 8th. This year all the action was on the floor in both the House and the Senate so our member/lobbyist sent in notes and asked lawmakers to step out for a moment to discuss issues...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任J. 帕特·汤普森
今年的立法会议于周一开幕, January 14th and a slew of Bills have been introduced that affect public employees. 你们工会的法案包括: HB 1575 / SB 5623:加强公务员的权利. 这一综合法案涉及到公众的权利...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
The Governor has taken action on most bills that were passed by the Legislature. 签署成为法律的法案包括: 全神贯注的参议院6229号法案. New Employee Orientation: This measure requires all public employers to provide a minimum of 30 minutes for Union Representatives to greet newly...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
Nearly one hundred Council 2 members took their own time to lobby their Legislators on behalf of your Union. 准备好书面材料, they met with State Senators and Representatives to advocate for local government employees on the following issues: sb6079 -主要赞助商...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
The 2018 60 day “Short” Legislative Session began on January 8th with a 1 seat Senate Democratic Majority, 5年来的第一次. Council 2’s endorsed candidate in the 45th District (Manka Dhingra) captured the seat by a whopping 10 point margin. 这是迄今为止最昂贵的立法...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
3月8日通过了大多数法案的第一个主要限制. Senate Bills were supposed to be passed by the full Senate and House Bills were supposed to be passed by the full House. There are exceptions of course and any bills deemed “Necessary to Implement the Budget” (NTIB) are exempt from...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
Two of our Union’s Priority Legislative issues need your help:1% Property Tax Cap & HB 1764 The bi partisan effort to scrap Tim Eyman’s arbitrary 1% cap on property tax had successful hearings but needs to be voted out of their fiscal Committees by this Friday. 请联络以下人士...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
Nearly 100 Council 2 members took to “The Hill” to advocate for critical funding to address the needs of Local Government in our communities. Topping the list of priority bills is HB 1764 which would scrap the current arbitrary 1% cap on property tax increases in favor of a rate that would be...阅读更多
By 帕特·汤普森
In yet another Special Session called on account of the House and Senate failing to reach a budget agreement in the Regular Session, 双方终于在周二达成了协议, 3月29日. Governor Inslee vetoed a record 27 Bills in an attempt to spur lawmakers into reaching an...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
(尽管两党强烈支持) All House Bills needed to be voted out of the House and all Senate Bills need to be voted out of the Senate by 5 pm on Wednesday February 17th. The exception, and there’s always exceptions, are bills deemed to be “Necessary to Implement the...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
The regular session was scheduled to adjourn or “sine die” on Sunday, April 26th. 但目前还没有预算协议, lawmakers closed up shop on Friday with the Governor’s call to bring them back Wednesday, 4月22日,为期30天的“特别会议”. 众议院法案2156大法案,简单...阅读更多
By 理事会副主任帕特·汤普森
Both the House and the Senate planned on passing their respective budgets on the same day, 这是以前从未有人做过的. The Democratic controlled House finished their business and produced a two year spending plan on a party line 51 – 47 vote. 共和党领导的参议院开始...阅读更多